Health & Safety

Our students’ health and safety is our primary concern as we head into the 2021-22 school year. We feel extremely fortunate to have been able to stay open for in-person learning last year. We are actively reviewing the CDC and State guidance and have been developing our Health & Safety plan for the fall.


One of the questions we’re hearing from families is about masks for children. Per the Illinois State Board of Education, Illinois school districts are directed to work with their local health department officials to determine the prevention strategies needed in their area, based on levels of community transmission and local vaccine coverage.

At this time, masks are recommended but not required. We strongly encourage all our students above the age of 2 to wear masks, but will not require their use. All our staff, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, are expected to wear masks in the building while students are present. Visitors to the school, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, are required to wear masks while inside the building.

Masks are required by the Illinois Department of Health for any individual over the age of 2 when riding in a bus.

Please be advised: This policy is based on the current guidance and the current situation and could change.


The Health Department is now doing contact tracing only for individuals who were less than 3 feet for more than 15 minutes from an individual who tests positive for COVID-19. In this situation, we would notify all families in the class and communicate individually with those required to quarantine, but we will not be quarantining the entire class unit.

We are not offering an off-campus learning program this year. If your student is required to quarantine, your child’s teacher will make a plan with you to continue their learning until they are allowed to return.

Mitigation Strategies

We will continue to implement the “Clean School” COVID-19 risk mitigation strategies we put in place last year with enhanced cleaning, including overnight electrostatic disinfection. The teachers will perform a visual wellness check on arrival, and families are asked to exercise caution and keep children home if they show signs of illness. We will continue our practice of leaving outdoor items (coats, hats, backpacks, shoes, etc.) in the Arrivals hall and limiting items that come into the classroom.