Distance Learning at CLMS

In this unprecedented time, Crystal Lake Montessori is committed to doing what we do best: delivering top-quality, personalized education for your child. Our teachers are certified, trained experts in child development at each age level who will work with you to support your child’s continued learning.

Montessori is a philosophy. We respect children as people, each with their own unique path of self-discovery. We do this by preparing a rich, stimulating environment and giving them time to make their own choices and to follow their interests, without grades. We present concepts in context in a way that reinforces the interconnectedness of academic disciplines. We emphasize real-world, practical life learning, from a toddler drinking out of a glass to elementary and middle school students participating in community service projects. We believe in the power of human connection and the special relationship between teacher and student. Come learn with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my child access distance learning from home?
Crystal Lake Montessori has always taken pride in being hands-on in a digital world, but we are ready to adapt and be flexible to best serve our students and families with Distance Learning. Children ages 3-6 have daily Zoom lessons with their teachers and receive weekly emails with at-home activities that address each of their learning areas. Elementary and Middle School students use Google Classroom to manage assignments and participate in group, small group, and one-on-one classes throughout their day.
For families with connectivity challenges, Crystal Lake Montessori is able to loan devices for student learning to ensure all students have access and are able to stay connected to the community.
I don't have a lot of time in my schedule to help my child with their schoolwork. What should I do?
We understand each family faces different challenges. Our teachers have designed the assignments to be completed independently. If challenges arise, please have your child ask or email the teacher for support if possible. It’s okay for them to make mistakes. This is natural, key part of the learning process. If your child is confused by part of the assignment, it’s okay to circle or put a question mark by it and move on to the next task or section.
If schoolwork doesn't take up my child's day, what else should I be doing with them?
Our teachers will provide you with learning experiences, resources, and activities, but the volume of work is not intended to keep students busy for the number of hours they’re usually in school. We honor the whole child, and that includes time for being outdoors, socializing, being creative, or quiet time, just as they would in school. Our goal through Distance Learning is to continue your child’s education while supporting their emotional health and well-being by staying connected with teachers and classmates.

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