Elementary & Middle School

As children move from Early Childhood to Elementary, they transition from the Absorbent Mind to what Dr. Montessori called the Reasoning Mind. Here they begin the process of transitioning from concrete learning to abstract representation. Our goal is not only to teach academics, but to spark curiosity, to inspire wonder and the reasoning faculty of imagination that asks, Why? and What if?

Montessori at the Elementary level uses an interdisciplinary approach built on Five Great Stories.

Great Story #1: The Coming of the Universe

This is a story about the universe, our solar system, and our planet from the very beginning to what we know now in conjunction with scientific experiments, encompassing chemistry, the physics of gravity, electricity, and magnetism, geology, and geography.

Great Story #2: The Coming of Life

This is the broad story of how life came about on Earth and the progression of plant and animal life through time. It includes the disciplines of Biology, Zoology along with the concepts of habitats, ecosystems, and food systems, Botany, an introduction to genetics, the cell, systems of the human body, and the Taxonomy of all living organisms.

Great Story #3: The Coming of Human Beings

Beginning with our earliest ancestors, this story traces the development of human beings and human civilization. It includes Archaeology, Anthropology, History up through Current Events, Governments, systems of money, important discoveries and inventions and landmarks of Music and Art. 

Great Story #4: The Origin of Language

Elementary children learn both the history of language – from pictograms to alphabets – as well as studying language in its spoken and written forms. This includes Grammar and Syntax, Composition, Reading, Writing, Literature, and Foreign Language.

Great Story #5: The Origin of Numbers

This story encompasses Mathematics and the development of number systems from ancient civilization through the present. Topics include Numeration, static and dynamic Operations, Squaring and Cubing, Measurement, Fractions, Graphs, Decimals, Ratio and Percent, the Geometry of Lines, Planes, Figures and Solids, Volume and Area, Polygons, an introduction to Statistics and Probability, and the Algebraic concepts of working with integers, scientific notation, and equations.

Elementary and Middle School students start their mornings with a Community meeting on Zoom and follow a schedule throughout the school day of group, small group, and one-on-one lessons in Math, Language, Science, History, and Culture with time for Specials and other enrichment topics. Our class sizes are small, with an average of less than 20 students led by a team of two teachers, giving your child the opportunity to connect multiple times a day.

Each of our students receives an individualized learning plan, tailored to their specific skills and learning objectives, allowing them to go deeper, farther, and faster while still learning at their own pace. Starting this Fall, we’ll be adding more at-home and take-home materials to increase the hands-on learning for our students.

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