Infants & Toddlers

Are you able to work from home? Are you going a little stir crazy? In this time of extraordinary challenge it can be hard to see the good, but we hope you have moments where you can find the joy in being with your child at this age.

One of the most valuable things you can do at home to support your child’s development is work on toilet learning. Toilet learning is a gradual process and can start as early as 12 months old, just by encouraging your child to sit on the potty for a moment after taking off the wet diaper. We’ve helped hundreds of children in our years of teaching and we have a lot more tips to share with you.

We have more ways to bring Montessori into your home, blogs, podcasts, and websites with ideas for activities to do with your baby or toddler. We’ll be posting videos you can share with your child where we sing songs, read a story. There will also be videos for you, the parent, with bite-size Montessori, encouragement, and self-care.

Currently enrolled parents can check out the video library on our Infant & Toddler Parent Resources page.

Our Teachers

Ms. Lorrie is excited to be back at Crystal Lake Montessori School where she began her Montessori Teaching career, 30 years ago. All four of her children attended CLMS. Her oldest daughters graduated with the first middle school class. Ms. Lorrie is a AMS/AMI certified early childhood teacher and is completing her infant/toddler training at Seton Institute.

Ms. Cindy has 30 years of experience as a Montessori teacher in the Infant-Toddler and Early Childhood programs and is Montessori-certified in Birth-3 and 3-6. Crystal Lake Montessori is privileged to have Ms. Cindy as Infant-Toddler Coordinator and Lead teacher in the Toddler class.

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