My daughter has been going for two years. We love the growth and development we’ve seen. Incredibly friendly staff, and parent/teacher interaction is well above average.
Jason Chapman

CLMS has been our home away from home! We love the community of the teachers, administration and other families! I can only say wonderful things about this school! We welcome all new children and families to our CLMS community!

Megan Hollenberg

Our family loves it at CLMS! The teachers are actually trained in Montessori methods rather than some schools that just slap a “Montessori” label on. Kids are challenged to do their best and become independent learners.

Andy Reinhard

Having been an educator for 40+ years, I watch with great interest as my 2 granddaughters grow and develop at CLMS (2nd and 6th). Their enthusiasm for attending school and their motivation for continued learning astonishes me! The education they are so much a part of, the depth of understanding in math, language, science and the arts, and the excellent time management skills they have acquired are second to none! CLMS offers a state of the art education and personal development program!

Mary Billimack Klos

We have looked around for quite awhile to find a school that will not only teach our daughter, but help her grow into an independent and capable girl. Every child is different, learns at different paces and has different strengths. School shouldn’t be a “one size fits all,” where children fall through the cracks.

After looking at every Montessori School around, our search stopped when we found this one. What a wonderful school! The staff is beyond excellent! Our daughter has grown so much in the past two years, she has grown to be her own unique self. She is excited to learn, looks forward to going to school and is developing such a love of learning. This school is just what our daughter needs.

Franklin Family

We have attended CLMS since October 2015 when our oldest child turned 2. He began in the Toddler program which we cannot say enough positive things about! Our oldest child has a speech disorder and the teachers have been so understanding and accommodating. Since that time we have enrolled our two younger boys and we now have 2 children in Early Childhood and one in Toddler with a 4th child who will attend when she is ready.

CLMS has become our children’s home away from home! I love and appreciate the small school feel with a real sense of community and caring among the faculty, staff, administration and other parents and families. We have made some lifelong friends and connections here! My kids love their teachers and their personal growth as well as academic growth has been apparent!!!

Danelle M. Wozniak-Jakiel

It’s not every day that I stop to write accolades or give a testimonial, but after looking into all our Montessori options for our daughter Morghan, I really wanted to express how thankful we are for finding Crystal Lake Montessori. Your reputation precedes you. With the guidance of your wonderful teachers, we have watched our daughter develop before our eyes in many ways – academically, socially, emotionally and physically. We’ve learned that those she spends the most time with have the greatest impact on all these critical areas, and luckily we have her in good hands – your hands.

These last few years we’ve especially started to appreciate the investment Morghan (and our family) have made in CLMS, as we continuously watch the light bulb click in her brain – as our daughter’s age/growth development hits that stage where everything the school has been teaching her thus far progresses beyond simple repetitive learning, to connection, reason, and purpose in her real daily life. It’s a joy watching her face light up when she makes a connection or solves something on her own, when she finally sees it come together, and gets the pattern or purpose of what she has learned in the steps that she has learned them. We’ve also been impressed with the school’s balanced curriculum of academics.

CLMS truly is a rare find these days. Its standards in academics and behavioral sciences are only the tip of the iceberg to making this school stand out. The harmony of personalities between the teaching staff and students is unlike any I’ve seen in other places. It is a school for parents dedicated to enhancing their child’s minds and exposure to life, and opening their hearts — at their own pace. And a special thank you to the outstanding teaching and personal support that Ms. Susan & Mr. Brad continuously provide Morghan. Honestly, we feel like they are like her second family – and it couldn’t make us happier.

Paul & Kathie Forslund

Our two older children both started off well in Early Childhood. They both knew their shapes, colors, numbers, and could write their names. They both strived for independence at a young age and didn’t want help if they didn’t need it. When we would constantly hear from our third child “I can’t do it” or “I need help” or “It’s too hard”, we were somewhat concerned. The first two years of the Early Childhood program seemed almost futile. When asked what she did in school she would respond with the same activities – I went in the loft or I went to the art table or I had snack. We were told how their simple activities were building blocks, or puzzle pieces. The explanations made sense, but it was difficult to see the work in progress.

We wondered if the cost was outweighing the benefit. Keeping her in the same environment for kindergarten allowed her the opportunity to assemble the gathered pieces and complete the puzzle. Her academics and independence have blossomed and are thriving at school and at home. At school she is so proud to be one of the older kids who has a job and gets to help with the younger friends. She is soaring academically – well beyond where we thought she would be.

At home she is dressed and downstairs, making her lunch when her sisters come down. She has gained every ounce of independence and drive that we were worried she was missing, plus more. We are not a family of means, and we have made certain sacrifices and life choices to afford the opportunity to have our children attend CLMS. Watching the progress of our two older children, and seeing our 5 year old excel and take off at the rate she has, has convinced us that we made worthwhile choices in doing so. Our 3 year old started school this year, further behind academically than her siblings at the same age. We are once again wondering the same thing – Why does she seem far behind? Will she catch up? Is she making any progress? After seeing the development of our 5 year old, those worries subsided. We will keep working with her at her pace, and trusting the relationship between home and the Montessori environment will once again have us in awe.

Emily Piccolo

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