Our Infant/Toddler program offers a beautiful home-like environment for the youngest children to explore their world in a sensorial way for 2, 3, or 5 half or full days. This program stimulates the development of the child in a caring and positive atmosphere using the Montessori philosophy.

The Work of the Child

Many of us were raised to believe education is a process where a teacher (the expert) puts knowledge into the head of a student (the non-expert) and the student demonstrates learning by repeating back. Because of this, a lot of parents think what they need is “daycare,” but your young child has so much more to do than simply be fed and cared for during the day. At this age, they are cognitively, physically, emotionally changing rapidly, day by day, and we concentrate on laying the critical foundation for a child’s sense of Order, exploration through Movement, and their development of Language.

We have a limited number of 2, 3, and 5 full-day openings in our Birth-2 Program 

“Children acquire knowledge through experience in the environment.”

– Dr. Maria Montessori

Exceptional Teachers

At the heart of our program are our extraordinary teachers, AMI & AMS Montessori-certified and trained in child development from birth to age three. More than just a job – our Montessori teachers have chosen this career because of their love for infants, their interest in Montessori education, and their unwavering commitment to do what is best for children. Our teachers recognize the uniqueness of each child and we work with them, offering unconditional love and acceptance, as they explore and encounter the developmental milestones all infants go through in their own way.

Infants can never have too much love, care and affection. To ensure your child receives personalized attention, our infant program provides one adult for every three children.

 Designed for Your Child

Our classrooms are designed entirely around the developmental needs of your child. Child-sized shelves display beautiful materials made from natural products designed to stimulate concentration, problem-solving, and the tactile work of hand-eye mental patterning. Teachers speak in gentle tones and the decor is understated and homelike. We know a child’s sense of order and consistency are foundational to their ability to develop trust, which in turn is the cornerstone to emotional health as an adult. Movement, independence, language, and motor skills are all part of the daily experience in an environment grounded in kindness, order, trust, and respect.

Peace of Mind

We offer flexible schedules fit your needs with 2-day, 3-day, 5-day, full-day, half-day, and extended care. Our promise to you is that your child will be nurtured in a beautiful, safe, and clean environment. From rigorous background checks for teachers, to CPR/First Aid Training for all staff, to a comprehensive school emergency plan, we are committed to making your child’s well-being our highest priority. We are fully licensed by DCFS (Department Children Family Services).

We also know communication is key. Our “whole child” approach includes the family and we honor parents as their children’s first and most important teachers. Sleep schedules, eating, celebrating milestones: we keep in close communication with you as partners in your child’s development.

 First Friends

As the children get older, we see them developing friendships that last, in many cases, for years as they continue to grow up together through our Montessori program. For those who are able to attend as infants, moving up into the 2-3 year old Toddler class is natural and effortless, with opportunities to meet the teachers and visit the classroom planned in advance to facilitate the transition.

What Parents Say

“Every child is different, learns at different paces and has different strengths. School shouldn’t be a ‘one size fits all,’ where children fall through the cracks…”

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