Ms. Ann discovered the wonders of Montessori education in 2008 with the schooling of her eldest, a daughter who is now a high school teenager. With her background being diversely multicultural, having grown up in Lebanon, France and Germany, and her prior work as a doula, she resonated with the teachings and wisdom of Maria Montessori and began her Montessori training in 2009. Since then she has subbed and worked with children from birth through elementary age. Ms. Edie and Ms. Ann worked together for a number of years in the toddler class at another Montessori school. 
Ms. Ann has been involved in athletics throughout her life in many aspects, from fitness to school team sports to competitive sports, and now her two children are competitive gymnasts. She is passionate about taking the needs of each individual child into account while leading a group. In following the child, she knows the depth of learning that comes with movement and with peer interactions in these arenas. Ms. Ann is pleased to be able to work with CLMS this year as the PE teacher and is also delighted to assist Ms. Laurie in the early mornings in her LE class.
Ms. Ann lives in Bartlett with her husband, 2 children, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 1 bearded dragon.