A Montessori kid herself, Heidi is passionate about the philosophy and program. Having earned her B.A. in Classics at St. John’s College and a masters degree in Philosophy of Religion from Yale and another masters degree in Project Management from Keller Graduate School, Heidi went on to specialize in Data Analytics. She also writes books and enjoys putting together puzzles and working models. She is a Montessori parent and is delighted to be part of the Administration team.

What do you love about Montessori? So much of my career success I can trace back to my own Montessori experience. I remember loving, I mean really loving, school. I adored my teachers and I took real joy in the materials. It was such an incredible privilege, and I’m so glad to help make this possible for other children now.
Favorite trip you’ve taken or someplace you’ve always wanted to go: I adored Shanghai. My dream vacation, though, would be taking the winter, off-season ferry up the coast of Norway. They keep running the ferry line because they deliver the mail, but I imagine it would be cold, and grey, with practically no one on board.
Favorite treat or local shop: I love Woodstock Square’s Expressly Leslie. I also serve on the board of the Woodstock Library’s Friends Group, and I love to support the library and Read Between the Lynes bookstore.
Favorite quote: I ran across this quote from Plato’s Gorgias in college that I’ve always loved since: “…see whether what’s noble and what’s good isn’t something other than preserving and being preserved. Perhaps one who is truly a man should stop thinking about how long he will live. He should not be attached to life but should commit these concerns to the god. He should thereupon give consideration to how he might live the part of his life still before him as well as possible.”