I hope this digital portrait of our school helps you to feel a bit of the personal connection with our community that I feel every day.

Our school is founded on the belief that:

  1. Children are to be respected as different from adults, and also as individuals who differ from each other. Respect is a cornerstone of the Montessori philosophy. It is developed and nurtured within the whole community. The goal is mutual respect for all.

2. The child possesses unusual sensitivity and mental powers for absorbing and learning from his or her environment that are unlike those of the adult both in quality and capacity.

3. The child has a deep love and need for purposeful activity. He or she acts, however, not as an adult for profit and completion of a job, but for the sake of the activity itself. It is this activity which accomplishes the child’s most important goal: the development of self–psychologically, socially, physically and mentally.

I have been a Montessori teacher for many years and Montessori parent since 1984 when we enrolled our own children. My passion is helping students reach their full potential by growing and developing our school. Please accept my invitation to visit Crystal Lake Montessori to see how a community of like-minded people can create an amazing educational environment.

We look forward to meeting you and your child!

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